Book a break in Torquay with Confidence

Although Covid has largely slipped from the headlines, some people are still nervous about committing to a booking and with other surprises always around the corner it's good to know that you will not be left out of pocket.

Booking with confidence in an uncertain World

Here are the three ways we can help to ensure that you can book your English Riviera break away by the sea confident that we have everything covered.

Booking Protect Refund Protection

Booking Protect

Firstly, when you book direct with us you can opt into Booking Protect Refund Protection.

This is a Refund Protection Product which does specifically cover illness from Covid. It will ensure that you can get back exactly what you paid (excluding the premium for the Booking Protect product).

It also covers a whole host of things other than Covid. You can find details of what is covered by clicking here.

The actual cost will depend upon the number of people travelling and the overall value of the booking. The product is an optional extra available at the point of booking. When you book online the value will be calculated and you will have the option to add it to your booking.

It is provided by a third party organisation underwritten by Lloyds of London.


Our Lockdown Guarantee

Lockdowns are beginning to seem a long time ago now and further lockdowns seem unlikely but may still be a concern to some.

Booking Protect does not provide cover for lockdowns and so we offer our own Lockdown Guarantee to cover all bookings.

If a national or local lockdown comes into force and you are legally prevented from travelling or we are prevented from accommodating you, we will give you a full refund or allow you to defer your booking to an alternative date for up to a year.

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Covid Safe Accommodation

We have always had high cleaning standards and with further enhancements to our cleaning regime, we are confident that our accommodation is as safe as it can be in the age of Covid.

Our cleaning protocols are now so firmly embedded that we will continue with them even as the pandemic subsides as they make perfect sense for ensuring the very highest of standards. This will mean slightly altered arrival times which are now 3pm instead of 2pm as they were in the past. 

We have been accredited as a Covid Safe Business and will continue to make guest safety and welfare a priority in all aspects of our business.

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