Bringing You Dog Away With You To Torquay


Our Dog Policy.

The most important thing we ask guests to remember is that although we really want you to enjoy your break away with us, you can never take a break away from being a loving and responsible dog owner. 

We are delighted to accept one adult  dog at each of our Muntham Apartments, The Muntham Town House, Lisburne Place and Number 2 Ellington Court. Up to two adult dogs are welcome at our Braeside and Stables Properties. We also have Ockendon House Apartments which have fantastic terraces with far reaching town views. And finally, we have the truly incredible five bedroom, five bathroom St Anne's Manor with a 3.5 acre walled garden.

Our dog policy is there to protect the interests of our doggie visitors as well as those who don't have a four legged friend.

  • Please consider whether it is appropriate to bring your dog away. Dogs with behavioural problems can negatively impact upon other guests and other dogs - we cannot accept them in our apartments and problematic dogs will be required to leave.
  • Owners are directly responsible for any damage or injuries caused by their pets.
  • Dogs must be at least 1 year old to stay.
  • Before you come away on your break please ensure you dog's vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are all up to date. This helps keep all our beloved four legged friends happy and healthy.
  • Exercise your dog before the journey and hopefully this will encourage them to  settle down and sleep in the car
  • If you are coming a long distance, please add in a number of stops so that your dog can relieve themselves and maybe have some water.
  • On arrival at the apartments, give the dogs a little walk on the leash for a few minutes and then introduce them to their holiday home.
  • We will supply dog bowls, towels and throws but if you pet has their favourites bring them with you. It can help settle them in.
  • Dogs must not be left alone in the apartments. Dogs that will settle happily at home won't necessarily settle in a strange place and they can become distressed.
  • Please pick up after your dog. People who fail to do so put the lives and well being of children and other dogs at risk.
  • We do ask that you vacuum your holiday home every couple of days and remove any signs of stray dog fur when you depart.
  • We have a list of recommended places to go and places to eat and we can send you these in advance of your arrival.

We have lots of information about all things doggie in and around Torquay with our own dedicated website. Click here to view more information. 

We do charge a small pet fee which goes towards deep cleaning each apartment after your stay. We love our pets but we want just he happy memories of your stay in Torquay to linger after you have all returned home.


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