Fancy an English Riviera Sportcation?

paddleboarding in Torquay for sportcations on The English Riviera

Marketing people do truly dreadful things to the language and in the case of the holiday industry seem intent on crashing words together to come up with something that reflects current trends. In the Covid era we had "staycations" followed in the post covid era by "workcations" where people newly liberated from the need to actually go into the office could up sticks and go on holiday but put a few hours work in at the same time.

The experts have now identified a new trend the "sportcation". These are holidays that revolve around activities that are very often water based or based on the shoreline. As if the word "sportcation" is not painful enough they have added "relactive getaways" to the mix - these are holidays where you relax by being active.

Some words gain traction as they do genuinely reflect and describe something that is happening at a particular time. Others will thankfully sink without trace. Some other holiday trends to look out for include the following. Firstly "boomerang holidays" - disappointingly these are not holidays during which you spend the entire time honing your skill with the deadly Australian weapon. Rather, they are holidays in which parents are joined by their adult children. This is either a wonderful reflection of the strength of families or a very depressing reflection of gen z and their inability to cut apron strings. There are also "solomoons" where travellers go away on their own.

coasteering in Torquay as part of a sportcation or relactive break.

English Riviera Sportcations and Relactive breaks

So, if a sportcation or relactive break is your thing we have some ideas for you.

So, if you want to take to the water and gain important competencies and qualifications Torquay Watersports have RYA  accredited courses including one day and two day courses. They also have coastal excursions of different kinds and of course the legendry Raptor.

Sea Kyak Torbay provides tours as well as tuition for those wanting a slower paced exploration of the English Riviera Coastline.

And for those who want to actually get in the water and explore close at hand, Reach Outdoors has a whole host of activities including coasteering, Stand Up Paddleboarding as well as as kyaking.

And for those who would actually like to get under the water, Dive Torquay, based at Meadfoot Beach provide courses catering for beginners right up to those with much more experience. Courses range from 1 day through to 2, 3 and 5 day courses.

Click Here For Sportcation Accommodation

Torquay seafront seen from Rock Walk and The St Luke's area of Torquay.

Boomerang breaks on The English Riviera.

It may come as a surprise to the marketing bods but adult children have been coming away with their parents to Torquay and The English Riviera for years. 

There are so many reasons why it is a great destination for boomerangers  - there is the natural beauty and the simple pleaseure of coastal walking. There is the massive array of visitor attractions in the area. There can't be anywhere outside a big city that can offer so much to so many. There are also some great entertainment venues and some stunning places to eat.

On top of that there is a massive choice of accommodation. For our boomerangers we can offer very spacious two bed apartments, luxury three bed houses and even a five bed, five bathroom mansion. See the section below for the full choice of options.


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20th January, 2024

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